December 2011

Heritage were Abandoned 2011

October has been an uncharacteristically warm month this year and heading out to Fort Pezeries at Pleinmont, it seemed like we had picked a perfect night for our abandoned challenge. However with little cloud cover that day, temperatures soon plummeted as the sun set over the horizon.

The team set up camp, built a fire and set in for a night in a spooky fort and a stone’s throw from Guernsey’s famous fairy ring. The team fashioned a temporary shelter within the walls of the Fort and set about claiming their sleeping quarters for the evening.

The turn of midnight saw a walk over to the Fairy Ring and in age old tradition everyone circled the ring three times and then made a wish in the middle – it is yet to be seen if these wishes will come true…..
After much chatter and storytelling around the camp fire to keep spirits up, morning was finally upon us. Sleeping in the open October air chilled the team to their bones and everyone was keen to get home for a warm bath and some hot food.

The team did an amazing fundraising effort and this year raised over £1,600 from friends, family, work colleagues and clients which makes a fabulous donation to Hope for a Child, a great charity doing fantastic work for a worthwhile cause!!!

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